Business Setup in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates are the thriving and upcoming business hub in the Middle East. Located halfway between the East and the West, the UAE not only represents a connecting point between both sides of the world, its dynamic and continuously growing market also offers excellent business setup opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors of all nationalities.


EBS helps you make your dream come true. With our expertise, we will guide you through the whole process of your business setup in the UAE. We assist you with company registration and government documentation and help you to identify the most suitable region and company type for your business setup.


Choose between these options for a business setup in the UAE:

Offshore Company

Offshore Firmengründung

Offshore is the most easy and affordable type of business setup in the UAE. Set up in a specific offshore jurisdiction within just a few days, the offshore company offers various advantages for international entrepreneurs, such as tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and a high level of anonymity and confidentiality.

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Mainland Company Formation

Mainland Firmengründung

Mainland companies are distinguished by the greatest flexibility among the various types of business licenses in the UAE. Businesses set up in the mainland have no restrictions on trade and no limits on location, while granting many benefits like 100% tax-free income, 100% foreign ownership for more than 120 activities, and an unlimited number of employment visas.

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free zone

Free Zone Firmengründung

Free zones are special economic regions, where the conditions for business setup and trade are most favorable. As the most popular type of business setup in the UAE among international entrepreneurs, free zone licenses offer excellent opportunities and a variety of attractive benefits like a fast and uncomplicated business setup process, 100% foreign ownership, several employment visas, and little to no taxes.

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Why start a business in the UAE ?

The United Arab Emirates are among the most sought after destinations for business setup worldwide, providing well-developed infrastructure and facilities, a thriving atmosphere for new business owners, and federal laws that are conducive for the start of a company. Thanks to favorable regulations and advantages that allow entrepreneurs to benefit from high profits and little bureaucracy, the influx of international company founders seeking to do business in the UAE is unbroken and continues to increase steadily.
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